Turma da Mônica

Need: Raise diaper sales made by KIMBERLY CLARK, using license for production of the Turma da Mônica dolls, a brand that is already deeply identified with the Brazilian consumer.

Challenge: Producing a line of characters of Turma da Mônica, according to the quality requirements of MAURÍCIO DE SOUSA PRODUÇÕES, enabling costs for the product could be distributed for free on the purchase of diapers and that could be used by young children.

Solution: We have developed the dolls complying with all the requirements of MAURÍCIO DE SOUSA PRODUÇÕES. We managed to make possible the cost of production despite the complexity of including their mascot with the doll’s body to prevent using of small parts and have been produced in a soft material, certified by INMETRO, so that the product could be handled by children of a few months old.