Need: To attract younger audiences and consequently adults responsible for them, so that the product came back to have an appeal that could present significant growth. By winning young savers, the CAIXA ECONÔMICA FEDERAL, would renew the base and keep them as customers, ensuring the deposit rates while earning impulse to attract new investors.

Challenge: Making possible the production of collectibles piggy banks, without losing for coins withdrawal and able to comply with the deadline the means a daily quantities of 50,000 units.

Solution: We have developed the piggy banks in rubberized material to attract younger audiences, and create An easy withdrawal device coins. The product quality has overcame all expectations, the schedule was accomplished and CAIXA  ECONÔMICA FEDERAL obtained a record in opening savings accounts: only the first 30 days were raised R $ 1.4 billion in deposits, which represented 96% of the annual target set by the institution.