Knowing Polo Art


Polo Art is a company established for over fifteen years and created in order to support areas of Advertising and Marketing.

The company has steadily increased its market share and is proud to have collaborated in carrying out major promotional campaigns, most nationwide, helping thus our customers to leverage their sales.

The Polo Art is a 100% Brazilian company that believes in the country and is committed to grow with Brazil. This commitment is also reflected in social responsibility by investing in social entities in renewable materials and eliminating any waste in its production line.

Founded by engineers, the Polo Art differs from other companies in the industry due to its ability to develop unique products, using different plastic components and high quality rubberized material, always seeking the best solution in design and cost for each campaign.

The Polo Art is constantly investing in the improvement, innovation of materials, new technologies, training of employees and customer service, working as consultants from pre sales to delivery, so that in this way can exceed consistently its customers’ expectations .


Mission, Vision e Values

  • Mission

    Giving support to the areas of Advertising and Marketing assisting in the development of unique products to publicize your brand and therefore generate profits.

  • Vision

    Looking for the constant improvement and innovation of materials and ideas for creating promotional products.

  • Values

    Our essential values are the achievement, teamwork, commitment and corporate spirit, that reflects in the thought decision to be in constant growth and improvement.